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Desolate Mind

I'm Lindsey, I like being called Linds, even though no one calls me that.
I'm 18, born August 25th. I'm currently in my freshman year of college.
Born in Florida, raised in Staten Island, NY/New Jersey, and currently living and doing what I got to do to get my future started in North Carolina.
Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, EDNOS.
The past was a struggle, but also a journey that taught me that there are great things in life, you just have to have the confidence to find them and the courage to take a step and embrace the happiness given to you. I also learned that once you find some sort of happiness within yourself, it's easier to find happiness in other places.
I want to travel the world, and I want to live in London, Sweden, or Ireland in the future.
Criminal Justice, Journalism, Writing, Art, Being Creative, Being Productive, Learning, and Helping Others are my main focuses at the moment. Oh, and trying to meet new friends as well, haha.
I have my days, even weeks, but I'm doing the best I can to stay strong and positive.

I'm a really good listener, and I will always be there for anyone who needs someone to talk to :) about absolutely anything <3 I will never doubt anyone or be judgmental towards anyone, no matter who you are!

Feel free to add me and read my journals or send me a message/comment :]